What is “LEAding Events”?

LEA stands for Let’s Encourage Awareness. Through making everyone feel like a VIP at our “RSVP only” events, LEAding events aims to bring people together and create positive impacts through events. We are targeted towards millennials and creatives: the one’s who will lead the future.

LEAding Events LLC was founded by Lea Kadish, whom Guest of a Guest recently named the “entrepreneurial millennial changing the game”. She is a native New Yorker, an old soul with a young <3, a creative, and a divergent thinker. Having attended and planned many luxury events from an early age, she launched LEAding Events for business in 2019. She hopes to bring the innovative things she has seen at these “invite-only” exclusive events to a broader audience by keeping events having an exclusive-feel whilst increasing their availability. Lea has been inspired by the creative icons of the past and present & other cultures due to her love for world-travels. She’s the first woman in her family to start and own her own company and is on a mission to inspire more young women to feel empowered to do the same. She graduated from Riverdale Country School before graduating NYU. While at NYU she was the head events intern at Shadow PR, gained experience in fashion interning at an international children’s fashion line, was in the honors society, and designed her own apparel for specific causes. She is the Vice President & head of the junior soirée planning committee on The Junior Society of the oldest children’s charity preventing abuse and neglect, a cause close to her heart: The NYSPCC. By creatively organizing events in a myriad of spheres, she hopes to spread love through creating a sense of community through events.

What’s your leading event? Are you ready to take the LEAp?

For further inquires please email lea@leading.events


“ I believe that pink is a UNISEX color and one that symbolizes LOVE: It is the mission of LEAding Events to find creative ways to bring millennials together through events and help to spread love through creating a sense of community at events. The official business color of LEAding Events is “millennial pink” because we are a company involving creative millennials for the future of events.LEAding Events’ page isn’t pink simply because it is girly. While we believe in women empowerment, we also have a strong core appreciation for stories: everyone has one. The color pink is very much intertwined into my identity and story. I view events like I do any art: like literature, movies, and music there should be symbolism stemming from truths, everything connects. Great art does not shout, it gets mulled over and interpreted and discussed.” — Founder & Creative Director, LEA

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