The Let’s Encourage Awareness (L.E.A.) Coat

The L.E.A. coat was a piece used to market the concept that it is fine to have nice things, so long as one is nicer than those things. Lea states, “This is something I learned growing up in Manhattan, a world where, when I was younger, I associated designer products with a lack of values. I later learned that one can have taste, and remain tasteful”. 11.11% of the proceeds from each coat went to the NYSPCC. The Coat was sold out and then discontinued. As a former 11 year vegetarian (“carbitarian”) gone burger fanatic, Lea did not want to continue to produce fur in bulk (as she felt she was already consuming enough). Now, Lea is focusing her unisex-pink fashionable endeavors (for events/causes) on items made from vegan products sourced and produced 100% in the USA.